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AppleRX Pharmacy

Our patient management team collaborates with your physicians, insurers, and other healthcare team members to achieve the best patient outcomes.


Our Expert Pharmacist

Personalized By Our Experts.

New Patient Consult

We provide new patients with a comprehensive review for administering of medications, side effects management, and storage and disposal of medications.

Expert Clinical Guidance

We provide actionable advice on your patient’s medications and offer a medication management program.

Medication Safety

Let our expert pharmacist review your patient’s medications for appropriateness, proper dosing, and drug interactions to prevent medication errors and ensure patient safety. 

Special Disease Program

We will work with you to provide care management of various disease state such as oncology, diabetes, and transplants.

Everything In Once PlacE

Your Wellness is Our Mission

Let us be our one stop Drug Store and Pharmacy for all of your medical supplies need

Insurance Assistance

 Let our experts provide financial assistance in navigating financial the barriers with copay and insurance needs. We work with nearly all insurance plans including Medi-Cal and Medi-Care


Patient Care Plan

 We offer a comprehensive patient care plan for your specialty needs to help you manage and track your progress through the various stages of medication therapy. Our 6-step prescription program is designed to help manage your patient’s medications safety.  

Starter Kits & Education

  We provide your patient with a starter kit to help ensure their ability to confidently administer medications. Our education and training materials will prepare them to understand their medications and to be aware about side effects.

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Thousands of Customers

“AppleRx Pharmacy was able to provide knowledgeable assistance with my medications and informed me on how to manage potential side effects. The staff was very helpful”

Jean M.

“I felt like this pharmacy treated me like family. We were able to identify a drug interaction and worked with my doctor to make effective changes to my medication. I feel safer getting my meds here knowing the staff is on the lookout for my safety.”

Rachelle P.

“Ethan was very helpful in helping to manage my diabetes prescriptions. I feel that the service was very convenient from the doctors office visit to pick-up of my medications.”

Suzie K. 

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Send Your Prescriptions to Us

We can provide speedy fills and refills for your patients prescriptions.  Your office can electronically prescribe, call, or fax your prescription to us today.