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AppleRx Pharmacy partners with physicians  and acts as a trusted team to execute your individualized care plan. Together we can improve health outcomes for patients whose needs mandate high-cost prescription medications. We can fulfill commercially available generic and brand name drug therapies at a highly competitive cost.


Can I summit a prescription electronically?

Yes. Electronic Prescription is the fastest and most convenient way to get your patients the medication they need. Add the AppleRx Pharmacy profile in your electronic medical record (EMR) system and start sending prescriptions to us today.

If I send in a referral for a specialty medication, and you discover a prior authorization is required, how soon will I be informed?

As soon as we learn a PA is required for processing your patient’s prescription, we will contact you. Usually you can expect a call from us in less than 24 hours after submitting a prescription to our pharmacy.

Will you manage the PA process for me?

Insurance companies and third-party payers vary significantly in their PA practices and policies, and usually their policies don’t allow us to complete the entire process on your behalf. Whenever allowed by the insurance carrier, we will initiate, facilitate and manage the process for you, including getting the appropriate forms that need to be submitted and completing as much of the demographic and clinical information as we have available, before faxing it to you for approval. In some cases, your office is required to request the PA form directly, or complete it online or via telephone. In these cases, we will notify you immediately and provide as much support and information as we can.